1. What is the Discovery Perks?
Discovery Perks is a business rewards program for corporate bookers, professional travel and meeting planners and individuals who book guests at participating hotels managed by The Discovery Hospitality Corporation (DHC) – Discovery Suites and Discovery Primea.

2. How can I apply for membership?
Members can enroll online at www.discoveryperks.ph or sign up using their social media accounts to complete the enrollment. Enrollment can also be done with their respective sales account officers in any of the participating hotels managed by TDLCI. Membership to Discovery Perks requires consent of employer.

3. What are the qualifications of becoming a member?
To become a Discovery Perks member, an individual needs to fill-up the Discovery Perks registration form, online or with his/her respective sales account officer. Companies can enroll as a corporate member or may assign a representative to receive the rewards in behalf of the company.

4. What are the benefits of becoming a member?
The members will earn points and through their accumulated points they can redeem room nights at Discovery, hotel services, and gift certificates from partner establishments or for items or stores of their choice. They will also be invited to events and activities organized for the members of Discovery Perks. They will also automatically be entitled to corporate rates, special or promotional discounts, freebies, etc. offered to members.

5. Can anyone apply for Discovery Perks?
Yes, anyone can apply for the Discovery Perks program.

6. Is there an applicable fee to join the loyalty program?
There is no joining fee for the Discovery Perks program

7. Will the booker be an automatic member once they have booked a stay at Discovery hotels?
There is no automatic membership to Perks. Bookers must have submitted the complete enrollment requirements. Bookers are required to activate their membership online before they can start earning points.

8. Are there levels or tiers of membership?
Yes.  The level for corporate membership is Diamond. The levels for individual membership are Crystal and Sapphire.

9. What are the requirements for upgrading to the next membership tier?
Members will be upgraded to the next membership status provided they maintain the membership requirement (through earning of new points) within the membership year.

10. How long is the validity of the membership?
Membership is valid for two (2) years.

11. Will my membership be applicable in all The Discovery Hospitality hotels?
A member may earn points from participating hotels only. Redemption of rewards can be done in any of Discovery’s hotel and resorts. 

12. If I don’t have bookings or events in any of the Discovery hotels, within a span of 12 months, will my membership expire?
The membership may be subject to forfeiture or status downgrade if members do not book in any of the TDLCI properties within a span of 12 months.

13. Is membership to Discovery Perks transferable?
No, membership is not transferable.

14. Can the family members, relatives, and spouse, claim membership benefits or rewards in behalf of the member?
No. Redemptions may only be made by Discovery Perks members.

15. If I am a booker for my company who is a corporate member but I am not the official representative due to company policies, can I still become a member of Perks?
Yes you can become a member of Perks. You can still avail of the benefits given to Perks members. Your company representative can officially endorse your non-points earning membership to Perks.

1. Will my previous bookings in participating hotels be reflected in my rewards?
No, points will not be rewarded for stays before the registration and online activation of the membership.

2. How do I redeem my points?
Points may be redeemed through accommodations, merchandise, and gift vouchers. Redemption can be done online through the Discovery Perks member portal www.discoveryperks.ph.

3. In what way can the members earn points?
Members are entitled to earn points based on their company’s negotiated rates with participating TDLCI hotels and/or resorts, use of the TDLCI corporate rate program of participating hotels or any rate, as authorized by the hotel sales office to be eligible for points earning when they book a room and/or a banquet event.

4. Will I be able to transfer my points and/or rewards? Are the reward vouchers transferrable?
Discovery Perks points and rewards vouchers are non-transferable, nor exchangeable for cash.

5. Can another person use my membership card to earn points?
Yes, a member may earn points for bookings made by other persons, as long as the membership number is given upon booking. Failure to provide membership number prior to departure of booked guest will mean forfeiture of privilege to earn points from said booking.

6. Will I earn points for all bookings made under my membership or only when I pay for the charges?
Yes. Members will earn points for all bookings made under his/her membership number as long as membership number is given upon booking.

7. Will I be able to redeem my points right away?
For room bookings, points will be credited to the members within 24 hours upon check out. For banquets, points will be credited within 15 days after the event. Members may redeem points soon after they are credited.

8. What properties are participating in the Discovery Perks program?
TDLCI Properties participating in the Discovery Perks program include: Discovery Suites (Ortigas) and Discovery Primea (Makati)

9. How can I make reservations online and pay through my rewards/points?
Reservations can be done through the Discovery Perks member portal www.discoveryperks.ph using points and/or cash (through credit card) or part cash part points.

10. Can I use my points to pay for my booking during the peak and super peak seasons?
Yes. Based on Best Available Rate (BAR) during the stay period, member may book a room using points and/or cash (through credit card) or part cash part points. Bookings must be done online through the member portal.

11. How are the points calculated? Will the points be equivalent to pesos?
Points will be issued based on qualifying revenues at the applicable point level. One (1) point is equivalent to one (1) peso.

12. Will my “reward” stay in the properties be reflected as rewards/points right away?
Reward redemption is not qualified to earn points.

13. Will my points expire?
Points expire after 2 years from the date it was earned. All points must be redeemed within 2 weeks after expiration of membership, as needed.

1. When will the membership card and personal account be activated?
The membership card will be activated immediately after registration and online activation of membership.

2. How will I be able to get access to the online system that I can use to manage my Discovery Perks membership?
The Discovery Perks membership accounts are easily accessible from www.discoveryperks.ph website. Membership details and benefits will be available as soon as a member registers and activates his/her membership online. A member may modify their personal information, username, and password after the activation.

3. How can I create an account to check my points and rewards online?
Will the account be issued to me automatically? An account is created for all the approved and valid members of Discovery Perks program. They would just need to log-in to activate the account.

4. How do I retrieve my account if ever I forget my password?
New passwords can be issued via the members portal: www.discoveryperks.ph. Click on “Forgot?” (beside password) to start the process of requesting for new passwords.

5. If I have missing points, what is the procedure in order for me to be able to claim them?
You can claim missing points by sending an email to the reservations office of the property concerned.  We will communicate with you via email regarding status of your report and credit missing points accordingly.  Please allow maximum of 2-3 weeks processing time for updating of your rewards points.

6. If I transfer to another company, can I keep my personal individual membership or do I need to enroll again?
There is no need to apply for a new membership in case you change employment. Your status and points will remain the same. You will need to inform member services of your change of company by emailing us at membership@discoveryperks.ph. Consent for member to participate in Perks from your new employer will also be required in writing.

7. If I am a representative of a corporate member, do I need to enroll again if I move to another company?
There is no need to apply for another membership if proper turnover to the new representative is carried out. Proper turnover requires transfer to new assignee/representative of points, production and other data, benefits, liabilities, etc. related to the previous company’s transactions with TDLCI. This requires as well, an official letter of advice from your previous employer of the said change in assignee, indemnifying TDLCI from any liability, costs and damages relating to the unauthorized redemption or use of rewards points by previous representative, with malice or not.